Sailing on the weekend of 12th and 13th October 2019

As we had missed out on the previous event due to wind conditions, it was decided to have a sleepover in Stompneusbaai on the evening of the 12th. The afternoon race was to round a virtual mark out in the bay and finish at a virtual mark off Stompneusbaai. Point Blank, Bacardi Breeze, and Reflexion started from Laaiplek in 23 knots of wind on a broad reach, out to sea. Once rounding the mark, the boats hardened up onto a beat towards Stompneusbaai. The closer we got to Stompneusbaai, the harder the wind got and we finished in 30 knots.

1st Point Blank, 2nd Reflexion and 3rd Bacardi Breeze. Sea Breeze was waiting for us in the bay and all the boats hooked in safely for the night. Some of us had a lovely home-cooked meal while others tried to braai on the back of their boats in 30 knots of wind. Apart from Point Blank at (1.95m draft) who gently kissed the bottom at low tide, everybody had a good night’s sleep.

Sunday morning was typical for Stompneus, no wind, flat sea, and a beautiful sunrise. One boat had bacon and eggs for breakfast, the other had a leftover braai and we never found out what the third boat had. At 09h00, in a very gentle breeze, we started the race to Slippers Bay. Point Blank soon had the legs on the other boats and established a good lead. The race started as a fetch but soon freed off to allow asymmetrical spinnakers to be hoisted. The first boat to hoist their spinnaker was Reflexion. Slowly Reflexion sailed over the top of Point Blank to arrive 1st at Slippers Bay, 2nd Point Blank and 3rd Bacardi Breeze. The three boats rafted up for lunch and waited for Barato to join us for the last race back to Laaiplek.

This race started in light winds as well, on a starboard fetch. Point Blank pulled out a good lead but very soon Barato hit top gear and a good luffing duel took place between Point Blank and Barato. Barato was the victor with Point Blank 2nd, Reflexion 3rd, and Bacardi Breeze 4th. Sea Breeze took the direct route from Stompneus to Laaiplek and I am told had a very enjoyable sail back.

While some of us love a little competition, this is not serious racing as at RCYC. It does help to improve your sailing skills as it means you need to get from point A to point B in certain wind conditions at a certain time. However, most importantly, it is being on the water, and being safe on the water. Whales were spotted on two occasions, dolphin joined us in Slippers Bay, a large Sunfish was seen, a couple of seals and some jellyfish.

A good weekend was had by all,