Quiz Report – Monday 30 September 2019

The FUNDIS presented yet another challenging quiz with a few old seasoned questions to test the memories of the quizzers!

This was another varied quiz contested fiercely by three Teams. At the halfway interval the BRAINY BUNCH were well ahead of the pack!

The pictures of artworks were right up the street of the STRAGGLERS who had
a very strong second session and allowed them to make up a six-point deficit from the last place at the interval and finish just ahead of the other teams and secure the winning wine prizes and the all-important Bragging Rights Cup!

Left to Right: Cheryl Mestern, Natalie Pimm, Frank Stuyck, Andrew Mestern, Gail Stuyck, Desi Powell.

Congratulations go to the STRAGGLERS for their win which earns them the honour of opening the next quiz season.

A special thank you to ROB REEVE for picking up the baton and getting the quizzes back up and running on a regular basis, and most especially for all of his hard work and enthusiasm which have made the quizzes such a success and provided the teams with so much fun! At the end of the winter season, Rob handed the baton over to Cheryl & Andrew Mestern who will organize the 2020 season.

Last and by no means least – thank you to JACQUES for manning Alf’s Bar and staying around while the Teams conducted a post mortem of the quiz and to DARIOL for the amazing soup and delicious stroganoff that sustained the teams and for always being available and willing to cater for quiz nights with a huge smile.

Quizzes are great fun – but we’re taking a summer recess except for a special family quiz which will take place on Monday 23rd December – more details to follow.

The regular quiz season will resume in AUTUMN 2020