Port Owen Yacht Club Quiz Nights



The nights draw near as we pass through Autumn and what better than to enjoy a Monday evening with friends at our club where Michael and Beverly Moll will entertain us on behalf of the victorious MUSKETEERS, with their specially stamped quiz on general knowledge.

Dariol Mcgregor has prepared for us: Vegetable soup or mussel chowder with vetkoek and bread for only R35 and/or Sunday chicken casserole with rice for only R45.

Once again the will be contested by our stalwart teams with prizes of a maximum of 6 bottles per team or one per team member if their team number is less than 6.

As always, we look forward to seeing you with your friends and relatives to join our quiz nights, which are good fun and entertainment to start a new week.

MUSKETEERS BRAGGING RIGHTS Changes to the liquor licensing laws now regulate that no bottles of partially consumed alcoholic beverages may be taken off the premises, however; prizes of intact bottles may be taken away.

We do not have an OFF-SALES LICENSE.

Members are reminded to enter all non-member relatives and friends into the visitor’s book to protect our liquor licence.


Please see link below for the latest quiz results.


Quiz Report 23 Apl 2018.doc (71.50 kb)



 As promised at the opening quiz on 9 April 2018, the quiz will continue bi-weekly until the weather breaks in spring.

This week our FUNDIS team will entertain us with a three-part quiz on general knowledge local or global and a picture quiz of naughty/Wicked/Nefarious or Infamous Ladies through the Timeline!

Dariol will provide scrumptious meals at very affordable club prices.

For only R45

Chicken a la king on rice or

Calamari pasta

For only R35

Her delicious vegetable soup with ample vetkoek. (Eat as much as you like.)

Jacques’ waterhole, spared from the drought, will dispense his variety of libations to the thirsty from 6pm.

As usual, the quiz will start at 7pm.

The quiz will be contested for the coveted BRAGGING RIGHTS and six bottles of club wine for the winning team members. Teams with less than 6 members will only get one bottle per player.

All our club members, their guests and family are welcome and encouraged to form new teams, if they can’t fit into existing teams and want to play.

Quiz is good fun and entertainment in your club.

Don’t miss it!


Members are reminded that their guests and non-family members have to be signed in to protect our liquor licence.






Many thanks to our members for coming and a special thanks go to the presenters: ANDREW & CHERYL MESTERN, who gave us the Italian Job.

It was a memorable evening filled with fun and enjoyed by four contesting teams namely: The Godfathers, The Dumb Asses, The Fundis and The Whiz Kids.

THE GODFATHERS romped home in style to seize the coveted BRAGGING RIGHTS and six bottles of wine.

A delightful supper of Spaghetti Bolognaise was prepared by Wilna who fed the hungry contestants and as always the ever faithful Jacques’ waterhole supplied the thirsty with the nourishing fruits of Bacchus and various libations.

Our next quiz will be held on the Monday the 23rd of April, to be presented by the FUNDIS who came second.

The quiz is all about fun and entertainment, which we aim to bring to you again.

Bring your friends and family and make every second Monday a fun day to start the week.

We were all pleased to see Janusz Danilovich with Eva limbering up to rejoin the FUNDIS and put them back in first place.

 Winners of opening 2018 Quiz




      Dave  Natale   Jeanie    Bruce Frank Gail



The season opens with two of our special quiz masters leading the autumnal charge into the winter season.
The well-enjoyed team of Andrew and Cheryl Mestern will challenge us with their always entertaining questions and dust off the cobwebs from our relaxed grey-matter.
As always there will be snacks and/or meals available from our catering staff, with the waterhole manned to lubricate the thirsty.
We hope to see our faithful teams again and many new faces that lead to the formation of exciting new teams.
A team consists of six or fewer members occupying a club table.
Prizes of club 750ml bottles of wine will be presented to a maximum of
six winning team members. This does not restrict team guests observing from the same table.
However, teams with less than six members can only expect a bottle
of wine per player.
Additionally, the jubilant winners will be photographed behind the coveted
BRAGGING RIGHTS TROPHY with proof of their prowess published in the POYC website found under Gallery.
We look forward to seeing you again and enjoying the new season.
Cellphones must be turned off and cheats will be forced to walk the
Gauntlet of Shame leading to the club door!
Entrance is for club members and their invited guest who MUST be signed in to protect the club’s liquor licence.




27 November 2017 

grand finale - quiz evening.doc (146.50 kb)



 30 October 2017

Our appreciation goes to the BAR FLIES who buzzed in to entertain us with a mixed bag of surprises in general knowledge, puzzles and boozy questions, presented by Damien his partner June and Jacques

As always, Dariol treated us to a magnificent supper of fish cakes, beetroot, potato mash and mushy peas.

Jacques then led us to Bacchus, surrounded by powerful spirits from around the world in his quiz of international drinking potions - making him a true personal trainer from behind the POYC bar.

Special thanks to Corne for all the work behind the scenes, and the club staff who make these evenings comfortable for us.

Known faces formed a new team of WHIZZ KIDS who charged through to seize the coveted BRAGGING RIGHTS and prizes of wine.

Our envious congratulations go to them.

Most magnanimously the BRAINY BUNCH stepped forward to write the next quiz for MON 13 NOVEMBER 2017.

We look forward to seeing you all again with your friends and family 



David, Vanna, Duncan. Joan and Johan 



POYC quiz Monday 16 October 2017

Below are The Stragglers, the winning team on Monday 16 October. They are:

Front, L to R: Bruce Quayle, Elaine Samuel, Jeannie Quayle, Cheryl Mestern, Andrew Mestern, Gail Stuyck. Back: Alan Samuel, David Hall.

A great time was had by all! Thanks to the Harbour Rats for being quizmistresses and quizmasters, and to Dariol, Corne and Jacques for all went well and we were all fed and watered.



Wow! Another amazingly different big quiz conducted by the two quiz wizards Andrew & Bruce, with teasing questions compiled in secrecy with their most trusted sorceresses Jeannie and Cheryl! You really socked it to us this time with a highly entertaining time warp that travelled from the 1960's through the ages into the 21st Century. Well done The Stragglers - you were great!

Our thanks go to Jacques for liquid first aid and to Dariol's kitchen for revitalising dishes of delicious chicken and last but not least again to Corne for all her hard work behind the scenes and on stage.

Congratulations go to the FUNDIS who regained the coveted BRAGGING RIGHTS and prizes of wine, with their amazing score of 69½ points in this master's level quiz. Running safely behind were the BRAINY BUNCH, who are always close to the top when they are not winning.

The HARBOUR RATS have kindly offered, after several past winnings, to present the next quiz on


The bar will be open from 6pm and the quiz will begin at 7pm. Bring yourselves again with friends and family.

A friendly reminder is that all guests must be signed in by a bona fide club member to protect our liquor licence and conform to club rules.



A somewhat belated but nonetheless sincere thanks goes to JONATHAN PERRY, who put us through our paces to burn off some dead brain cells as the old and bolds bravely answered his well-rounded and entertaining 21st century quiz.

The jousting was fierce - a survival of the fittest - which brought the STRAGGLERS to the winning post with an impressive 62 points and their rivals not too far behind, but beaten at the post.

Well done all and thanks for the good attendance. Regrettably, the photographer's efforts were unusable so an attempt to display the triumphant winners has not been possible for publication.

Nonetheless, the STRAGGLERS proudly own the BRAGGING RIGHTS until the next contest, which they will not be defending, since they magnanimously agreed to write the next quiz for

MONDAY 2 OCTOBER 2017 at 18:00 for 19:00.

We look forward to their always fun and entertaining quiz to be presented by none other than Bruce the Grand Inquisitor.

Do join us for the next quiz and bring your friends and family.

A reminder that invited guests must be signed into the guest book by bone fide POYC members to conform to the Liquor Licensing Laws of the RSA and our club rules.


Monday 18 September 2017

We have another quiz on Monday night, presented by Grant Perry's son.

Please come and attend! The quizzes are becoming increasingly well attended, and more fun each time.

See you there! 

Monday 11 September quiz results

Below are the Harbour Rats, who won the quiz for the second consecutive week! Well done!


Monday 11 September 2017

It's all general knowledge...so get knowledgable.

...with a special theme!

 You don't need to be in any team...just come along and join in. There will be questions for the young and the old so bolster your team with family and friends of all ages, bring your wife, husband, partner or lover - or just come on your own!

 The "Quizinators" for the evening are Andrew & Cheryl Mestern.

 Of course the pub will be open from 6pm and Dariol will be serving Lasagne ad salads (R40), and Sunday Chicken with rice and vegetables (R40), and vetkoek, JUST THE THING TO FEED THE BRAIN HALFWAY THROUGH THE EVENING!!

 IT'S REALLY GOOD FUN,  so just pop in and enjoy straining your brain a bit...or not.

 Or chill out with friends and enjoy the company, great food and club prices on your favorite tipple.



The winter quiz ended on a high note with the HARBOUR RATS racing to the finishing line with 3½ points to better their nearest contenders. Well done you RATS, enjoy the wine prizes.

The quiz was presented by the FUNDIS who put together a traditional POYC style three page general quiz of 37 brain teasing questions. Jacques' bar lubricated dormant intelligence and Dariol fed the hungry with her delicious vegetable soup, homemade breads with vetkoek and an alternative of macaroni cheese. Many thanks for the much appreciated victuals.

Popular demand by our quizzers has requested the quiz continue into a SPRING SEASON.

 Rob Reeve gave us the following dates to look forward to for the month of SEPTEMBER.

Mon 11 Sep Andrew & Cheryl Mestern all the way from Cape Town.

Mon 18 Sep Grant Perry's son also all the way from Cape Town.


Duncan, Joan, Mike, Nicky




Again a good turnout of quizzers faithful with new faces who came to take-on the CRAZY CATS, who tested us with their unusual style of multiple questions. It was tough, with THE STRAGGLERS racing to the finishing line to take first place and seize the glory- well done the well deserved winners of the coveted

                          BRAGGING RIGHTS!

 Rob Reeve announced that the next quiz will be on 28th  August, which marks the end of the Winter Quiz when THE FUNDIS  host the

                                 WINTER FINALE.


Andrew and Cheryl Mestern sparked further enthusiasm by offering to host the next quiz on the 11th of September, which opens the new season. A show of hands proved the popularity of quiz entertainment with an almost unanimous count in favour of our POYC QUIZ continuing on a two weekly basis during Spring.

Bring yourselves, friends and relatives to enjoy the fun and company during POYC QUIZ NIGHTS where this time Dariol's team produced tasty bangers and mash with a variety of equally tasty soups and snacks and Jacques team watered the thirsty contestants.

See The Stragglers below: