Petanque club


The P.O.Y.C. Petanque Players Club was founded by Ron and Dawn Miller in 2004 based at the West Coast Gallery, which today is Russell Fosters Village Complex. The Petanque Players Club (PPC) is an integral part of the P.O.Y.C and is bound by its constitution. Ron and Dawn managed the club from 2004 to 2007 before handing over control to Anserie and Ken Benade in 2008, and Tony Neelmeyer and Isabel Vermeulen in 2009. Johan and Veronica Hartman and Helga Liebenberg also managed the club prior to 2011.The course comprised five rinks each of different length neatly situated between the massive Blue Gum and Pine trees. Due to the large number of players, limited to P.O.Y.C members in good standing, it was decided to reduce the points required to win a rink to 9 points instead of the international score of 13 to allow players the opportunity to play at least three rinks in the time available. A play group comprises two pairs and play takes place on the first and third Wednesday morning of each month. A record is kept of each players points scored during the year. These scores are then used to determine the best player of the year as well as other prize winners, according to a formula constructed by Dawn and approved by members. The overall winner receives the Silver Platter floating Trophy, donated by Ron and Dawn Miller, as well as a small gift. On prize giving day, the last play day of the year, a pairs knock-out competition is played for a wooden floating trophy made and donated by Ken Benade. Runner -up prizes are also awarded, comprising small gifts. A R5 course fee is payable by each player on each play day to cover course maintenance expenses and cost of prizes. Members bring their own tea time treats, coffee and tea is provided by PPC each play day.

In the past two Seafood Festivals and two Potjie competitions were organised and undertaken by players to cover costs as the R5 course fee was paid to the West Coast Gallery for the use of their premises. In 2011 the Gallery was sold and it was decided to seek permission from the P.O.Y.C committee to move to the P.O.Y.C. premises. This was granted and a new course of four rinks was built by members who also privately funded the construction of the course.

Managing the club since 2011 was done by several members, including Dawn and Ron Miller, the late Dr Robin Dean, David Hall, Billy and Doris Powell, June Fouche and Joyce Francis and Linda and Ed Cormac. Members play twice a month except December when the first Wednesday is the last play day of the year, dedicated to prize giving in addition to the Pairs Competition. Volunteers provide lunch on this day. As Petanque Players are subject to the P.O.Y.C constitution visitors, who must be P.O.Y.C members, may only participate in five play days per annum and are not eligible for
prizes. Thereafter they will be required to become permanent members of the Petanque Players Club on payment of a once off R50 fee, which goes towards maintenance of the course. The PPC has approved a corporate play shirt, which, while not compulsory, should be worn on play days as a contribution to the clubs identity. From time to time PPC invites members of other sporting clubs to participate in a friendly play day and to enjoy refreshments and a light lunch with members. On this day PPC members scores are not included in the annual accumulation records.