2 December 2017:


It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Paul Stuyck - co-founder and ex-commodore of our club.  Our heartfelt condolences to his wife Jeanine and family at this very sad time.  Paul has been a fantastic role model, Commodore and friend to us all.  A great humble gentleman, keen sailor and pillar of strength.  R.I.P Paul, you leave an emptiness no one can fill.


The celebration of Life service will be held on Saturday at the Port Owen Yacht Club at 12.30


Annual General Meeting

The AGM was held on Saturday 24 June 2017. 

A new committee was chosen: their names appear on the "General Committee" page. 

The AGM dinner was held that evening and well attended. The décor was lovely, the food delicious, the atmosphere warm and friendly, and a great time was had by all. The following awards were handed over: 

The Commodores Honours list 

 1. For never-ending enthusiasm and commitment to sailing at Port Owen Yacht Club: George and Rochelle Breeze. They took part in every sailing event held by POYC during the past sailing season, racing or cruising, assisted with the buoy laying during the single-handed event hosted in Britannia Bay by the Webbs and POYC and did the buoy laying and assisted with the catering during the Holiday 23 regatta.

2. For commitment and participation in offshore racing: Kevin Webb. He has taken part and won 2 False Bay to St Helena Island races. Participated in the False Bay to Mosselbay race. Annually takes part in the Cape Town to Mykonos race.

3. For commitment and participation in the administration of POMA, POYC and South African Sailing: Alan Dunlop.

4. Ladies trophy: Karen Busse for her winning performances in the Velddrif Yacht Club series.

5. Winner of the Vice Commodore's Cup 2016: Frank Stuyck.

6. Winner of the Vice Commodore's Cup 2017 and the Commodore's Cup 2016, which combined makes him the POYC Club Champion: Patrick Knoble.


 Sea lettuce

The sea lettuce that is plaguing the marina this year is unsightly and problematic for boat owners. Here is some helpful information:

Sea Lettuce.docx (553.35 kb)