Port Owen Yacht Club weekly menu and activities 

12 March to 18 March 2018:


Dear Members,

Thank you for your wonderful support on Friday.  It was so great to see all of you again.

Special thanks to Joan and Sid du Plessis for a scrumptious, delicious feast they had prepared for us (still missing the Gammon today).  It was beyond amazing!

Wednesday night:          Dariol

Menu:                               Normal pub grub

Friday night:                   Ed Cormac 

Menu:                              Mild Durban chicken or beef curry with optional hot                                           curry for those who like it hot served with rice,                                                 poppadums and sambals                        

Dessert:                          Irish surprise.


Happy St Patrick's Day 17 March 2018.

Please remember to book with Yvonne before NOON on THURSDAY on either email: or SMS / WhatsApp 072 483 1387.

Please take care of yourselves and have a fantastic week.                            

Kind regards

Yvonne Nosworthy

Rear Commodore - Social

072 483 1387