Commodores Report


Ladies and gentleman, fellow members.  It gives me great pleasure to present my report for this 32nd AGM of the Port Owen Yacht Club.

A year ago, when I took this position as commodore, I said that I had big shoes to fill and that I was extremely fortunate to have had the role models of previous commodores and a formidable team. It has made my job so much easier having the support of you our members, our amazing committee, club manager, bar personnel and the unfailing support of our president Anne Du Plessis. Anne has always been a pillar of strength to our club and has always been available for advice or guidance to whoever needed it.


I remember all too well the words of our amazing commodore Petr Muzik, we are not a sailing club, and going forward, we will definitely be focussing on the sailing. Well, I for one, wish he was here today to see how far we have come, thanks to the dedication and passion that radiates from our vice-commodore Derek Robinson. We have had a great sailing calendar and the support we have received from our members has been truly amazing. We have had a number of bay races well supported by our sailors; we hosted a very successful River race and Holiday 23 Fun Worlds. The team we sponsored in last year's Lipton Cup were placed 3rd overall racing against some of the best sailors in South Africa in the L26s and were again awarded the Owen Aisher Silver Plate, for the youngest team in the first 5 places in the event.


Surely one of the hardest parts of running the club must be the social side, and you all must agree that Dariol McGregor has done a sterling job, and I am sure that Dariol could not have done it without Norman's motivation thank you very much for that. Not only did we increase the catering at the club to include meals on Mondays and Wednesdays we have had two sailing events which required catering for crews and families' breakfast and dinner. We have also had a number of themed dinners which were very successful. It has never been an easy task to get cooks for the club, and Dariol has managed this extremely well, I would like to thank all those members who got on board and prepared meals for our Friday night dinners and assisted with the meals for the sailing events. I must also thank the new members who so readily jumped in and started cooking Friday night meals.

It is also on a sad note, that I must inform you that Dariol will be stepping down and will be sorely missed. 


Thanks to our rear commodore house with the assistance of Ed Cormac and Ted Waters the club has had a facelift with the cleaning of the roof, the repainting of the bathrooms and the repainting of the club name at the entrance. We have installed security lights and cameras. A new ramp has been built at the entrance to the club. The manager's office has been erected on the veranda and our gardens have also been well maintained. We must also thank Neville for the decorations he put up for all the themed evenings. We have been doing investigations into the feasibility of making internal access to the ladies and gents bathrooms. We have drawn up a plan with the proposed alterations we will put copies of the plan on the notice board. We have sent this to builders for quotations: once these have been received we will assess the affordability and will then call a special general meeting to get the members' approval to commence with the work.


Our membership is healthy. We currently have 295 members. We have signed up 72 new members and had 18 resignations in the last year.


We have a new POYC website. Thanks very much to Allan Dunlop and Joan Du Plessis. Joan is responsible for the maintenance of the site is able to add and edit content, so if you have something newsworthy please let her have it to insert on our site.


Our monthly market has had a very successful year. Thank you very much to Yvonne for growing it from nothing to becoming a fixture on the Velddrif calendar and to Wilna for taking over.

Thank You:

I wish to extend our thanks to the following groups. They are petanque, Port Owen angling club, and the quiz nights which were started by Bruce and Jeannie Quayle and are now being organized by Rob Reeve:  these groups have aligned themselves with the club and make use of our facilities: they have brought activity and fun to our club.


I would like to thank my committee who have all given a great deal of their time and energy to the running of the club over the last year.

President: Anne Du Plessis, you have been a fountain of knowledge and a great support in our endeavours this year.

Trustees: Peter Odell and Sandy Pessenbacher. Thank you for keeping us honest and to Peter thank you for all the effort you have been putting into POMA.

Vice Commodore: Derek Robinson, you have been an absolute star with all the sailing events you have organized and run all of which ran smoothly with huge compliments being given to the club by the competitors.

Rear Commodore Social: Dariol. You have done an outstanding job with the catering this year, I don't think many people realise what it takes to keep this department running. You have tackled every event with enthusiasm and professionalism ensuring that they have all been great you will be sorely missed.

Rear Commodore House: Neville you have worked tirelessly at restoring and improving the club facilities, I greatly appreciate your efforts and the results speak for themselves.

Financial Controller: Mike you have done a sterling job of keeping us on the right side of the bank balance. Thank you very much for getting our accounting package onto our own system. On that note thank you very much to Frank Stuyck for all the years he has allowed the club to use his offices and accounting programme.

General committee: Allan Dunlop, David Hall, Greg Lehy, Russel Foster, JP Stuyck: Gentlemen you have all contributed enormously to the continued smooth running of the club.

Secretary: Linda Cormac, This has been your first term as secretary and oh boy did you catch on fast. Thank you very much for your efficiency and your assistance.

Manager: Corne Van Wyk. You are doing a great job thank you keep it up.

I would like to say a huge thank you to my wife. Vonnie you have always been a huge support and believed in me. You have picked me up when I was down, you have listened when I was unsure and you have put me back on course when I was floundering. I love you. Thank you for support.

Lastly but by no means least I would like to thank you our members for trusting me with the position of Commodore and for all the support you have given us. 



JUNE 2015-JUNE 2016



This has been a year of outstanding growth of this club, it is due to the efforts not only of members of your committee but also remarkably by non-committee members who have come forward voluntarily. Your club has benefitted this year by these very special people, I am not going to mention names, I believe that you all know who they are. I salute them, The slogan "it's our club lets use it" is coming true this year.

The year began with shock and sadness in the loss of our previous Commodore, Petr Muzik, a classic sailor, an admirable Commodore, a man we admired. We also sadly lost our Rear Commodore Catering who served the club the previous year and part of this year.


The finances of your club have been excellently controlled by a steady hand on the tiller of our financial officer. I don't anticipate the financial report which you will receive shortly but highlight only that the club balance sheet has crept over one million rands for the first time, income has exceeded expenditure for the year. About one hundred thousand rands has been converted into fixed assets, for your enjoyment, here in the kitchen and the boma, also legal compliance of the electrical connections. Rigorous controls of the bar finances have achieved stock control variances very low.


  • The River Riddle (cancelled due to lack of support)
  • The Shelly Point Beach Braai
  • The Great Berg River Race POYC Host inter-club against VYC
  • The Interclub Dinghy Regatta (a 2-day event on the National Calendar)
  • The Vice Commodore’s Cup (fish & chips race)
  • The Paternoster Cruise overnight
  • The Kruis pad cruise
  • The Port Owen Classic Espatada Race)
  • The Commodore’s Cup
  • The Eigevis Trophy (fish & chips race)

I believe that things are in place to increase our club’s sailing this coming year.


The prestigious event begun by your previous Commodore Petr Muzik is being continued with sponsorship for this year’s event of R12 000 plus honourary membership cards for crew and T-shirts. The Lipton up will be sailed on 8th to 15th July 2001.


This is the year for this prestigious bi-annual event which the club has run for many years and puts POYC on the map with sailors at Royal Cape YC and beyond.


I have mentioned the assets purchased during the year and the club was benefitted by a generous donation of comfortable and quality chairs that you are sitting on now, the plastic chairs have been relocated to the BOMA. A new Honour Board has been made and as you see is on the wall for ongoing entries.


This is worth R18 000 per annum to club funds, MTN awaits authorization by the Municipality for installation of a "low visual impact" tower, (i.e. a narrow tower) in the corner of the property between the BOMA wall and the East boundary.


Your club’s team of ladies have continued magnificently by catering excellent meals on Fridays evenings throughout the duration of this year, this group make what is the biggest effort in support of this club and they deserve our special thanks and appreciation. I add a plea for new blood to continue to come forward, don’t be one that enjoys our magnificent meals but doesn’t join the team. Informal meals have accompanied the Wednesday and Monday evening events and have been much appreciated.


Earnings from the bar have shown a dramatic increase during the course of the year, reflecting the greater use now being made of our club and topped R200 000 turnover for the year, over R22 000 per month in the latter part of the last 12 months. A second till has been donated for busy times at the bar. Following the resignation of our manager, the club is about to appoint a new bar manager. We pay tribute to our manager who has been employed by the club for several years.


30th birthday celebration was a major event, attended by 100 people and important honoured guests. The slogan "It's our club lets use it" expresses our goal of increasing use of the club and this has happened: beginning with the Rugby World Cup evenings for which your club bought a new TV screen, bar snacks on Wednesday evenings followed and have become a popular permanent weekly event. A further extension of opening times of the club has begun with the Weekly Quiz evening on Mondays. The potjiekos competition was held and we acknowledge the amazing decorating work done on many of the occasions, from St Patrick to Autumn theme, to German night etc, Carols by Candlelight was held.


I pay tribute to our secretary who has given amazing service to the club this year, she has sent more than 250 emails during the year, minuted all the Committee meetings, watched over and worried over every aspect of the health of our club, she has given massive support to the Flag Officers, we owe her a great thank you. You will see later a proposal to honour her.


Backed by the club and well managed by our manager the market has become a growing success, an established event on the West Coast. The hiring of the club premises for functions by outside parties has also grown this year.


The website is well on the way to becoming a first-class site, it has been rewritten on modern architecture with a wide range of functionalities, we will see up and running in the coming months. A link to Facebook will allow movies and a stills gallery will be kept on the site, regatta entry forms and many functionalities will be provided.


Your general Committee has formed a Forward Planning Committee to look at where the club is going and where we want it to go, already a good beginning is being made as I report to you now, but ongoing development is being planned.


Your club’s representative is the POMA Chairman, who reports thoroughly every month to your General Committee. Future Planning for your club goes hand-in-hand with the growth and development of our Marina under the guidance of POMA. An increase of R100 000 in the annual Municipal grant of R860 000 has been negotiated as a start and a commensurate increase in berthing fees are due on 1 July 2016 aiming to bring these up to commercial levels appropriate to our location and conditions. A new wharf is planned at our end of the Marina basin with 11 new berths and parking as a first step in increasing the total berths in the basin ultimately to around 180. Delay in this season’s dredging is due to the DEA which is delaying its permission.


This club has provided evenings of high-quality movie clips during the year, increasing the enjoyment available to all of us through our club. The annual photographic exhibition and competition have been successful and advertising is a side advantage for the club due to the publicity received in magazines that cover the West Coast.

4 x 4 CLUB and the PETANQUE CLUB will be joined by a FISHING CLUB within POYC.

It has been an honour to serve you all these past 12 months in this club and I thank you,

COMMODORE 2015 – 2016