4 X 4 club


Velddrif 4 x 4 Club

The Velddrif 4 X 4 club includes many yacht club members. Monthly meetings are hosted by the Port Owen Yacht Club and every month we have an event of one to three days to various destinations, twice a year we plan a long adventurous road trip.

September 2017:

On 16 September we did our annual beach cleanup and our support role in the new / larger event worked exceptionally well.  Heartfelt thanks to members who turned out to transport children and cart bags away.  

October 2017:

Our long-awaited MOKALA trip in October was enjoyed by all participants.  The accommodation at Lilydale was fabulous, company fantastic and game viewing superb.  While many animals did not survive the drought in the Northern Cape last year, we enjoyed fantastic sightings.  It is gratifying to see the success of the NP Kwagga project. Best news of all is to be able to say that rhinos are alive and well somewhere in Africa!!

John and Carol were privileged to 5 sightings – 12 rhino in all. While 4 vehicles headed home after our 5 days in the Park, the Von Brandis’ and Mosterts extended their adventures into Golden Gate and Natal and only got home on 24th October. We look forward to hearing stories of their adventures.